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  Horizon 2020

Panliska and Associates bring together a wealth of experience on EU funding and can provide detailed information and intelligence on funds, coming deadlines, funding eligibility and the criteria of what assessors will be looking for in applications. Our networks through our "presence" in Brussels tap into the latest funding intelligence and people looking to join consortia for projects.

We follow very closely Horizon 2020 where we can offer a range of services to help you understand and to be able to participate.

We have updated our guide to writing bids to reflect the new Work Programmes for 2018-20 published on 27th October 2017. We are always happy to provide further guidance to would be applicants and also to support bid writing and to review drafts.

> Download the 'HORIZON 2020 guidance how to write a good application.pdf'

We also can engage in other programmes such INTERREG and Erasmus+ and mainstream structural funds especially helping with implementing smart specialisation strategies.

The services we can provide includes detailed intelligence on programmes and selection criteria, partner matching and bid writing/reviewing. We have a particular focus on energy, agriculture and support for SME's and rural development. In short, we can help you find your way through the EU funding maze. Once a project is approved we can also support management and dissemination.

In our bid writing service we helped a client achieve the perfect 15 score from the HORIZON 2020 evaluators in October 2015.

We can improve the visual images and presentation of your proposal through our design partner "Visually Thinking" see their website


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